Financial Support

Secure the equipment that will deliver productivity & profitability to your business. 

Count on Bost Group approved brokers to provide the best financing solution for you:

Chattel Agreement

An effective way to finance a vehicle for business use.

You own the vehicle, which is then used as security, enabling your broker to offer you competitive terms.


Hire Purchase

The Offer to Hire agreement is a contract where your broker acts as the owner and gives you, the hirer, possession and use of a vehicle in return for regular payments.

When the final payment is made, you the hirer, owns the vehicle.


Finance Lease

With this option, your broker purchases the vehicle and then leases it to you.

You then enjoy the use of the vehicle or equipment for an agreed time in return for rental repayments.

You can also lease a vehicle which you have already purchased in the last six months. When the lease expires you can choose to:

  • return the vehicle to your broker who can sell it in the market place (you would need to make up the shortfall if the net sale was less than the agreed residual value); or
  • make an offer to your broker to purchase the vehicle, which your broker may accept.

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