Bostgroup Trevibenne

We were daring. Bold. Innovative. We never settled for less than the very best. We followed our instinct, looking into the future.

Quality without compromise

Our choices, our philosophy, the distinguishing feature of our company identity geared toward research, development and the design of safe, high-performance equipment which is reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Quality proved by our TÜV ISO 9001 certification and our sponsorship of the major Italian and European Demolition Associations.”

Trevi Benne are constantly working with their customers and suppliers to develop products that provide solutions for specific circumstances.

Trevi Benne – Air view – 25° Anniversary

A highlight of their innovations is the Impact BOOSTER valve, which characterizes the entire PREMIUM demolition line, allowing it to multiply the power of the working pressure of the excavator – reaching a peak of 750 bar and entering into action automatically when the material to be demolished offers resistance.

Considerable benefits with lower operating pressure and oil flow:

  • fuel consumption reduced by 20%

  • reduced cycle time, opening/closing in 4 seconds

  • increase power performance by 25%
  • lower environmental impact

On site the reduction of the opening/closing cycle of the jaws translates into time gained and a substantial increase in productivity.

  1. Synchronized linkage system allows simultaneous opening/closing of the jaws
  2. Conical shape shield to protect the cylinder rod during demolition
  3. High penetration jaws profile

Trevi Benne Premium Line

2018 Highlights

The Italian business association ‘Well Done’ in Italy decided in May to give the 2018 Well Done in Italy Award to Luca Vaccaro and Trevi Benne for outstanding work to support the region. Recognising Trevi Benne for their audacity, innovation and profuse attention in these 25 years, first of all to their workers, to the product, thereby creating opportunities for development in the territory. –

Primary Demolition Crusher HC 250 Model…the biggest crusher ever!

The special jaw design was discussed with the customer and made to meet specifications. It was started in March 2018 and took 4 months to complete the order.

The customer is one of the most specialized demolition contractors in Europe.

Weight: 27 ton.
Jaw opening: 3.100 mm.
Height: 5.000 mm.
Tip force: 545 ton. at 450 bar

The HC 250 will be fitted on a LIEBHERR special customized demolition excavator.

Some highlights:
Projecting hours: 120
Welding hours: 250
Machining operation hours: 120
Assembling time hours: 50