Bost Group – Mining Production Division

Our design and engineering team’s breakthroughs are the result of hard work, sound strategies, and constant interaction with our stakeholders. Our products utilise the best technologies available and we remain strongly focused on developing simple and practical products.

“We need people to be able to use our products with ease…even if it’s their first time underground and especially in an emergency situation”


Say goodbye to big, bulky and over engineered scrubbing systems.

Bost Groups new ”Bost Atmospheric Controller’ (BAC) system incorporates a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Converter and a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubber in one compact and efficient unit. This highly durable Aluminium built BAC unit offers a one button operation feature and due to its custom design and power efficiency allows for extremely efficient scrubbing rates.

  • Smart Bost design and powerful unit scrubs extremely efficiently
  • One button operation
  • Simple chemical transfer and replacement process
  • Small and compact

BAC Refuge chamber


Our Remote Access and Camera Surface Reporting provides ways to monitor and operate refuge chambers from the surface using our custom designed Monitoring and PLC systems.

These systems are able to integrate with yours to provide piece of mind before and during an emergency situation. The system can also provide detailed reporting after the use of the refuge chamber.

  • Door use signal alarm reporting
  • Underground to surface camera monitoring
  • Surface operation
  • Underground mine requires Ethernet / LAN connectivity.

Refuge chamber Seating


Bost groups segmented underground refuge chamber range, provides companies with the option to have larger refuge chambers in their underground operation, without compromising on safety.

Our segmented underground refuge chambers are manufactured into smaller more manageable sections, providing better portability through the decline and then to installation.

Bost Groups highly experienced trades team are able to provide full commissioning and testing on site.

Segmented refuge chamber

Segmented Chambers