Bost Group – Mining Production Division

Our design and engineering team’s breakthroughs are the result of hard work, sound strategies, and constant interaction with our stakeholders. Our products utilise the best technologies available and we have a heavy focus on simplicity and commonality.

Our new BAC system incorporates both a CO Converter and a CO2 Scrubber in one efficient unit. It’s smaller than anything out there in the market at the moment and more efficient in terms of chemical usage and scrubbing rates per person.

What makes our Chemical Management Systems Ideal?

  • Simple to use with a one button operation and an easy chemical transfer / replacement process
  • Smaller and more compact – enabling more space in the Chamber – Wall mounted
  • More efficient than traditional chambers – technology is state of the art
  • Durable – made of aluminium
  • Keeping to our core values around practicality and usability – we want somebody to be able to use our systems easily even if they have never even been underground


Bost groups segmented Chamber range enables mining companies to not compromise on safety by allowing larger more static / stationary refuge chambers in their underground operation – this appeals to companies whose mines have narrower declines.

We have successfully developed and commissioned a number of segmented chambers in underground mining operations (mainly internationally).
Benefits to Segmented chamber range:

  • If the underground decline is too small to take a traditional static / stationary refuge chamber = this option essentially breaks the chambers up into smaller more manageable pieces, providing better portability.
  • Our methods don’t sacrifice on quality – Structurally or operationally
  • Stringent testing and commissioning ensures piece of mind

Bost group also provides the on-site commissioning and installation of the segmented chamber range, as well as the training for scheduled service and maintenance for site staff.