Rural Solutions


Everyday can be hazardous in the Forestry Industry. Our Trevi Benne attachments are ideal for keeping operators safe through mechanisation, and the non-production of sawdust. They can be easily fitted to your chosen brands of carrier unit. Operators need equipment that is high quality and reliable when working in rural and remote areas and Trevi Benne offers this with ‘Hardox in my Body’, world leading designs for productivity and safety.

Our rural industry faces a range of issues and complex challenges as it works towards being profitable, productive and sustainable. “Innovation, agility and efficiency are crucial if Australia’s agricultural and rural industries are to leverage the opportunities of today.” (2018,

Bost Group has an extensive range of Forestry equipment from our innovative, world leading supplier Trevi Benne, whose focus is to research, innovate and improve their products to provide systems which simplify and facilitate work. Bost Group can provide assistance and guidance with finding fit-for-purpose machinery to aid a productive, cost effective safe working environment for our customers in the rural industry.

Bost Group can also provide crushing and screening equipment for any feedlot, sawmill, farm, treatment plant, soil or sand production or grain processing requirement. Uses can include screening cow manure to remove wood chip or rock, screening sawdust from soil and timber offcuts, removing snail shells from grain, soil, sand and river rock screening. Crushing equipment to produce materials suitable for all weather access on rural properties without the cost of trucking from quarries 100’s of km’s away.

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