Recycling Solutions


As we all work towards creating a better Australia, the importance of creating a strong and sustainable recycling sector is evident. As Australia continues to work towards utilising ‘resources more efficiently and maximising the full value of materials – Less waste, more resources’ (National Waste Policy) we rely on the recycling sector to help us achieve these objectives.

Currently Australia also ships significant waste overseas, however this was recently affected by China no longer taking our recyclable plastics. This has placed more pressure on our recycling industry.

At Bost Group we understand the unique requirements of the Waste & Recycling industry. Our extensive range of products can assist with waste collection, handling, sorting and reprocessing in an efficient and cost effective way. Our suppliers are innovative in their fields and continue to work on providing even better solutions to this industry.

  • Attachment tools including sorting grabs, car dismantlers, steel shears, concrete pulverisers, screening buckets, wood shears and pile breakers
  • Air vacuums for separating light density materials from heavier density materials
  • Screens for sand and soil recovery, crushed concrete, roadbase and aggregates, green waste, rail ballast separation
  • Crushers for concrete crushing, tunnel spoil, excavated rock

Bost Group staff have extensive experience in the operation and selection of the correct items for your application to help maximise production, minimise costs and reduce downtime.

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