Earthmoving Solutions


Earthmoving equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, graders, wheel loaders and dump trucks are used in a variety of applications on many different jobsites. This can include site clean-ups, dam sinking, tree clearing, farming as well as major projects including road and rail cuttings with enormous amounts of cut and fill for new interstate motorways / freeways and train lines. They can be used for many specialised activities including excavating, pushing or transporting large quantities of material.

Due to the high capital expense in purchasing and operating this equipment it is critical that the correct attachments are supplied for the unit in question. Bucket profiles, widths and breakout forces all contribute to how efficiently material can be excavated and moved.

The Bost Group range of buckets and attachments can help to maximise production, minimise fuel consumption and place less wear and tear on the carrier unit. Cycle times are critical in determining what size fleet is required and with the correct selection, costs can be minimised. Bost Group staff have extensive experience in earthmoving, quarrying and mining applications to help your bottom line.

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