Demolition Solutions


Demolition is a dangerous industry that requires a team of experts with industry knowledge, skills and innovative fit-for-purpose machinery. Safety and Innovation are a priority for leading Demolition firms. Having the right equipment for the job is not only cost effective but provides the safest demolition environment. At Bost Group our leading European supplier of attachments Trevi Benne is focused on quality without compromise. The distinguishing feature of the company is their identity is geared toward research, development and the design of safe, high-performance equipment which is reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Quality proved by their European TÜV ISO 9001 certification.

This dedication provides the foundation for safety and innovation that the Demolition Industry require. This range of equipment is designed for the demolition or deconstruction of structures and buildings, separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, and remediation for redevelopment. These are essential innovative tools for the demolition and deconstruction industry to expedite processes and create cost-effective solutions in the most challenging of situations.

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