The Trevi Benne premium line is a range of demolition attachments equipped with the power multiplier device impact booster.

How does buying the right attachment for your demolition requirements save you money? When the attachment has a Booster! How does it work?

In the processing of hard material, if the available hydraulic pressure of the carrier excavator is not great enough to penetrate, the IMPACT BOOSTER activates automatically, increasing the operating pressure from 250 bar up to a cylinder peak pressure of 750 bar dramatically enhancing the attachments capacity.

This device also cuts the opening and closing time of the attachment jaws, which can speed up the processing of the material and reduce the time required on site. The booster also reduces the weight of the attachment whilst improving performance, making it easier to maneuver the attachment without relying on moving the excavator, all of which can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Cutting costs is the easiest and most effective way to improve your business profitability. It improves your competitive advantage.