When managing a project that requires using mining machinery or equipment, it is important to consider all the factors and costs that will affect your bottom line.

Whether you require construction or mining equipment like Mobile Crushers for Rent, a lot of time, money and management will be placed on labour and equipment and so considering whether to implement ‘Dry Hire’ or ‘Wet Hire’ is crucial to your project. But what exactly is Dry Hire and Wet Hire

Dry Hire includes the hiring of equipment, such as a Mobile Jaw Crusher, but not an operator. You will need to operate the machinery yourself or hire an operator from a third party.

Wet Hire includes hiring machinery such as a Mobile Screen and an operator from the same party.

When hiring machinery, you will inevitably have to consider the Pros and Cons of both Dry Hire and Wet Hire to ensure not only that your project runs as efficiently as possible, but that your bottom line is as low as possible.

Bost Group, who are industry leaders for the sale and rent of such Mining Equipment as Mobile Crushers and Screens, Underground Mining equipment and more, have put together some of the Pros and Cons of Dry Hire and Wet Hire.

Dry Hire:

Dry Hire is a popular choice for many businesses and operations because it allows a lot more freedom of choice and budgeting. By only hiring equipment, a business is free to choose operators who fit in with their budget and who they may have already garnered a professional relationship with.

Pros of Dry Hire

  • Cheaper Operators - You can choose a third party or freelance operators at a reduced rate
  • Fewer People - You can use existing employees or operators reducing the overall cost
  • Greater Accountability – You can use an existing employee who has a greater understanding of the processes required for your business.
  • Greater Flexibility – You can more easily pick and choose when to hire new operators or existing employees. This makes the number of days or hours required to be more in your control, rather than using the operators supplied through Wet Hire the entire period of renting equipment.
  • Dry Hire is Safer – When utilizing existing employees, you have operators who are more familiar with your project and site’s safety protocols. This can also lead to fewer people required on site.
  • Greater Control on the Standard of Work – Dry Hire allows you to have greater control on who you choose to employ and therefore having more influence on the standard of work. Wet Hire may require you to hire personnel who you are unfamiliar with and with varying standards of service.

Cons of Dry Hire

  • You Have to Look Elsewhere for Personnel – Perhaps the main con of Dry Hire is simply that you may have to look to a third party to hire an operator.

Wet Hire:

Wet Hire is convenient for those who want personnel chosen and hired as soon as possible. They come as a ‘package deal’ with machinery but is generally more expensive.

Pros of Wet Hire

  • You Get Personnel and Machinery from One Party – Wet Hire means taking care of finding and hiring personnel as well as machinery from the same source. This is potentially faster in terms of finding personnel. With that said, with so many third parties and agencies, you can just as easily find a high standard of personnel elsewhere with one phone call or search online.
  • You Get an Operator Skilled at Operating that Machine – There are many different types of machines available that can do a similar job, however, the skills of the person operating it can determine how successful and effective that machine is. A skilled operator can often save time, money and damage, competence is key.

Cons of Wet Hire

  • It is More Expensive – Wet Hire means getting a little convenience at an additional cost.
  • You Have Less Say in the Standard of Work – By only being able to choose operators from the one source (which you are less familiar about), you must be resigned to whatever standard of work you are assigned.
  • Your Operators are Less Familiar with Your Project and Worksite – By not choosing existing or past employees, your new employees will be less familiar with your project, its equipment, practices and the site’s safety protocols.

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