It all starts with the initial purchase, you want a high-performing, quality piece of plant at a good price that will fit in a limited space. Is this even possible? Fortunately, compact mobile plant is available that meets this criteria. When the machines are able to be transported in a container and shipped from their country of origin, the price becomes more cost effective. The containers can be lifted and stacked on top of one another and upon reaching port, can be easily transported to the depot, as the container sits on the back of a truck without the need for permits and floats. This is much cheaper then roll-on, roll-off equipment which takes time and money to load and unload and requires transporting with floats and permits.

This is also beneficial when the machine is transported for delivery and moved from site to site on a drop deck truck without the need for permits. As they fit within load requirements, they can also be transported by train, which can be a more cost effective option, particularly if travelling long distances throughout Australia.

Benefits of Compact Crushing

The innovation and design of this compact equipment is also cost-saving as it is quickly and easily unfolded. The conveyors hydraulically unfold sequentially with an easy-to-follow numbering system, giving you a 10-minute setup time to allow for maximum on-site production time.

All of the Portafill range have been constructed to have excellent maintenance access. Although compact, these machines are very well designed.

Screening equipment


These compact screens still provide a high production output when compared with some larger screens, as the smaller size screenbox can be run faster to allow high production from a smaller screenbox. They can pull higher G’s and higher speed because of their size: 1250rpm compared to 950rpm or less on larger gear. All while maintaining a small footprint.


Where these machines really come into their own is on sites with tight access, and compact areas. Recycling yards and demolition sites often have very limited space, due to being located in residential or inner-city locations, often with other activities happening on site. When you can bring in compact mobile machines such as the Portafill range, costs are reduced because processing and reusing of product can happen on site.
Benefits of Compact Crushing and Screening equipment

This can provide cost savings on tip fees, transport and purchase of virgin materials, all whilst reducing the environmental impact. If you compare the Portafill 2000CT/MR-2 to a standard small scalping screen, the footprint of the 2000CT/MR-2 is around 46m2 compared to the 185m2 of the standard small scalping screen. The screen box is (9x8ft2) compared to the standard small scalping screen with a 12x5ft2 screenbox, ensuring a comparable production output. Similar comparisons can be made with the other machines in the Portafill range depending on your requirements.

Benefits of Compact Crushing and Screening equipment

If you have limited space consider the option of Compact mobile equipment. There is no compromise on quality and innovation, and they provide very good production for their size.

* Information provided may change with different material densities, moisture content and feed grading’s.