Custom Built Attachments

Custom Built Excavator Attachments to suit your unique requirements!

Custom built Grabs

  • Australian manufactured
  • Wear protection on the finger edges, for additional durability
  • Five finger configuration
  • Geometrically balanced design

Custom built Rail Buckets

  • Buckets to suit your unique situation!
  • Australian manufactured

Custom built Ripper Tynes

  • Break up rock, asphalt & paved areas
  • Australian manufactured to suit your pick up measurements.

Custom built Sieve Buckets

  • Manufactured with robust interlocking ribs, which allow finer material to fall through the sifting bucket while the bricks and rubble are retained.
  • t/s excavators up to 45 Tonne

Custom built GP / Mud / Tilt Buckets

  • Australian Manufactured
  • Models t/s 1 – 45 Tonne Excavator

Custom built Hitches

  • Manual Half Hitch & Hydraulic Hitch options
  • Australian Manufactured
  • Models t/s up to 30 Tonne Excavator